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Infovisual Based on Christmas Facts and Figures

Christmas Facts and Figures

Christmas is rich in history, tradition and lore. As we celebrate Christmas in it's pomp and splendor, here is a PowerBI infovisual carved out from different internet sources to light up your knowledge on certain Christmas facts and figures

18 DEC, Cochin, India

Celebrated by millions around the world, Dec 25th is an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, with popular customs of gift-giving, sending holiday cards, setting up Christmas trees, cribs and lights, caroling, feast and church celebrations.
Christmas is one of the most profitable times of year for many businesses, and we specifically thought of putting such facts and figures obtained from various internet sources into one infovisual highlighting on the three countries, US, UK & Canada.

We take this opportunity to create a infovisual based on Christmas facts and figures taking data from online sources.

Check out interactive infovisual using Power BI here