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Our New Corporate Video - Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of our new corporate video introducing how our partnership with Microsoft for Power BI and our services delivery model is aligned to the data needs of the industry.

18 Mar,Cochin, India

“Data data everywhere, not a single ‘byte’ to digest”, is the reality most businesses live in now, trying to find their way out of the data jungle. We are here to make your data digestible, so you get to see the right bytes that make up your business story.

With over 150+ projects in 21+ countries, we have delivered intuitive and simplistic solutions to most challenging business data problems, helping our clients see the stories behind their numbers, to take timely, accurate and informed business decisions.

In this video, we have showcased our ability to help you visualize your data and get the power of ONE, through our offering from Microsoft Power BI.