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Power BI Global Challenge Sweepstakes 2018 Winner

Power BI Global Challenge Sweepstakes

This year Microsoft conducted the Power BI Global Sweepstakes Challenge which ran from June 27 to July 20, 2018.

12 SEP, Cochin, India

The whole concept of the challenge was to use publicly available data and visualize it best in Power BI to bring out meaningful insights and stories that inspire change. This intended to communicate to all data enthuasiasts that Power BI is the next BIG and futuristic tool to analyze data and understand patterns or behaviors Just think of what happens when data can be used to analyze issues and improve quality of life of millions

With the FIFA World Cup fever on during that time, an idea on using the data set relating to the game to provide current and historic visualization was thrown out internally for discussion, the result of which translated into the winning entry backed by dedication, creativity and team effort over a couple of weeks. Team PaulnMartin was selected WINNERS of this challenge.

We are honored by this small, yet big appraisal received from Microsoft. This motivates and encourages us to serve our clients with even more quality work by exploring the richer functionalities and advanced features Power BI has to offer. Here is the team clad in the 'Bring your Data to Life' t-shirts, presenting to you the award winning visualization.

Feel free to go through the visualization and we promise you that you would find amazing facts of this prestigious event and understand how the features of Power BI has been put to use.

Check out our winning visualization